Author: Cassandra Fultz

Canada Announces Special Measures for Resettlement of Ukrainian Nationals

permanent residence in canada from ukraine

Pause on Express Entry FSW and CEC Draws Extended Later into 2022

fsw and cec backlog

Why Is IRCC Not Issuing ITAs for Express Entry?

express entry draw 2021 fsw cec

Letter of Employment Requirements for Express Entry Applications

express entry letter of employment

Newest IRCC Public Policy Eliminates Open Work Permit for Spouses of Students Who Are Ineligible for PGWP

कैसे बताएं कि एक इमिग्रेशन वकील या सलाहकार नकली है?

immigration fraud

I Submitted My Proof of Canadian Citizenship Application Months Ago – What Can I Do?

Canadian passport proof of citizenship

Conjugal Sponsorship Application From Afghanistan

Special Immigration Program for Afghan Families who Assisted the Government of Canada

Can I Leave Canada After Applying for Inland Spousal Sponsorship?

vacation during inland sponsorship

A Guide To the Unique Challenges of 2SLGBTQ+ Spousal or Common-law Sponsorship Applications

lgbtq spousal sponsorship application