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We are always willing to work with you.

In order to allow us to spend enough time with you for a comprehensive review of your case, our office charges a consultation fee of CAD$175 + tax for up to one hour of discussion by Skype, or CAD$225 plus HST ( if applicable) for an in person consultation.

Consultation fees are charged in the local currency of your country of residence. If you are located in the United States, your USD$175 consultation fee is tax-free as you are not subject to Canadian sales tax.

If you decide to retain Doherty Fultz Immigration to assist with your immigration matter within 10 days of your consultation, the fee you have already paid will be discounted from the cost of your service.

Full Representation

Because Immigration fees are a substantial investment into your future, our office is happy to break up the total cost into two or three payments for most services in order to make top-notch representation accessible to everyone. You don’t need to pay an expensive lawyer for good advice.

Convenient Payment

For clients in the neighbourhood, across Canada, or abroad, we offer convenient payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Interac e-transfer. In the office, we are always happy to accept cash.

Clients residing outside Canada are not subject to Canadian sales tax.

Not sure if you meet the requirements to apply for Canadian immigration? Contact us and we will respond immediately.

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Call or email us to schedule a one-hour consultation to assess the best path for you to work, study, or live in Canada

For our American friends, we are happy to offer a discounted consultation fee of USD$175 – tax free because you are outside Canada!

We are also happy to credit this fee to you if you decide to retain our services. ~ 1-416-827-8778

Doherty Fultz Immigration

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