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LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment?

LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. Other common terms that are frequently used are Approved Job Offer, employer sponsorship, LMO.

An LMIA is not an immigration application, and you (the employee) cannot apply for an LMIA by yourself. LMIA applications are submitted by the employer only. The company is the applicant.If a Canadian company wishes to temporarily or permanently hire a foreign worker, they must first request permission to do so from Service Canada.

Service Canada will assess if the job offer made by the employer to the foreign worker will have a positive or negative impact on the Canadian labour market.

Positive Impact – By approving the  job offer, the new position will create more jobs for Canadians and/or Canadians will receive training and experience from the foreign worker.

Negative Impact – If this job offer is approved, a Canadian who was qualified for the position would lose out on the opportunity, which would  increase unemployment.

Permanent Residence and LMIAs – Having a positive LMIA assessment will grant you an additional 200 points on your Express Entry Application and greatly increase your chances of being given an Invitation to Apply [for PR].

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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The most important thing to understand about LMIA’s is what the primary purpose of this application is.

The Canadian Government’s primary focus is the well being of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, which includes employment growth and job opportunities in Canada. The LMIA process exists to ensure that Canadians are the first to benefit from employment opportunities in Canada which in turn reduces the unemployment rate.

The Canadian government must also ensure that the Canadian economy continues to expand and develop. This includes  ensuring that there is no shortage of skilled workers in Canada so that every industry can sustain growth.

The likelihood of approval of an LMIA depends heavily on the type of position to be filled as well as the unemployment rate in the location of the job as well as the employer’s ability to meet the requirements of Service Canada. Even LMIA applications for low-skilled positions such as cashiers and fast food service can be approved if the conditions are right.

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The most important thing to understand about LMIA’s is what the primary purpose of this application is.​

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