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Sponsorship Application Review -

Sponsorship Application Review – average cost $595.

You are not required to have an immigration consultant or lawyer represent you for your immigration application with the government of Canada. Many applicants get positive results by doing the application on their own.

Even if you prefer to do everything on your own, you can still benefit from having a professional review of your completed sponsorship application before you submit it to the government – especially if you have a strict deadline due to an expiring work permit.

Your application being returned due to a mistake on the forms or a document left out means that you could lose the ability to work, or simply lose months of processing time.

We have all types of clients who prepare their own applications. Even the absolute best applications that we review have benefited from being advised of a mistake that could have caused the application to be returned.

A professional review of your application gives you the benefit of our years of professional experience preparing sponsorship applications for a more economical price than full representation.

Not sure if you meet the requirements to move to Canada? Contact us and we will respond immediately.

How It Works -

Get the extra assurance you want in three easy steps:

  1. Prepare your entire sponsorship application EXACTLY as you would submit it to the government. This includes all forms, supporting documents, fees, etc.
  2. Drop it off or ship it to our office. We will review every page of the application and make written notes that you can follow to make your sponsorship application ready for submission.
  3. We will have a conference either in person, or over phone or skype if you are not in Toronto, to advise you what changes need to be made. The application will then be given back to you to update and submit.

Who It’s For -

Who will benefit from having a professional review their sponsorship application?

  • Applicants who are confident in their application, but want extra assurance
  • Applicants who have completed their application, but are unsure about a few things

Who will benefit from having a professional review of their application?

Who may benefit more from full representation than a review?

  • Applicants who have an urgent deadline for their work permit, but have not started the sponsorship application
  • Applicants who are nervous about making a mistake on their application
  • Applicants who find the immigration process confusing, and prefer easy to understand instructions and guidance from a professional
  • Applicants who find the IRCC website and instructions difficult and unclear

Who may benefit more from full representation than a review?

If you want extra assurance about the sponsorship application that you have already prepared, contact us to schedule a drop off of your application package.

Our sponsorship application review prices are as follows:

Nearly all applications are reviewed for $595. If you have more than 2 dependent children, we charge an extra $50 per dependent. Applications which are not complete enough for a review will have a custom price discussed with the applicant.

Our sponsorship application review prices

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Call or email us to schedule a one-hour consultation to assess the best path for you to work, study, or live in Canada

For our American friends, we are happy to offer a discounted consultation fee of USD$175 – tax free because you are outside Canada!

We are also happy to credit this fee to you if you decide to retain our services. ~ 1-416-827-8778

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