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Permanent residents or Canadian citizens are allowed sponsor family members for permanent residence in Canada.

OVERSEAS sponsorship means that the permanent residence application will be processed by the Visa Office responsible for the native country of the person being sponsored, or where the person being sponsored currently resides.

See our page about the requirements for sponsorship.

Overseas Sponsorship Processing Time

Processing times for Overseas Sponsorship Applications vary by visa office. CIC lists the processing time as 17 – 18 months for all countries, however complete applications are frequently processed several months more quickly.

Submitting an application with missing or expired documents, or incorrectly completed or outdated forms causes substantial delays in the processing time for an application.

Approval to sponsor takes an average of 2 months for an overseas sponsorship Application, and the application for permanent residence takes another 12 – 16 months.

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Visiting Canada while an Overseas Sponsorship Application is in Process

Applicants who have an Overseas Sponsorship Application that is currently processing are allowed to come to Canada under the usual visa and entry regulations that pertain to their country of nationality. While applicants can enter Canada, it is important that they make sure their status as visitors, workers, or students stays valid while they are inside Canada. There is no minimum time that an applicant must stay outside of Canada while their PR application is in process.

If the Overseas Sponsorship Application is approved while the applicant is still in Canada, they do not have to leave and re-enter Canada to become permanent residents. They are allowed to land at a CIC office within Canada rather than at a Canadian border port of entry.

Overseas Sponsorship Interviews

It is rare for applicants to be called to attend an interview with an immigration officer to verify the details of their application for permanent residence in Canada. In cases where an interview is required, it is frequently due to an issue with the genuineness of the relationship between the Canadian sponsor and the person being sponsored.

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